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 Identity Verification

With NFTLS certificates, it is possible to verify the identity of an associated token, address, or blockchain domain name because all certificates are signed and issued by a higher-level certificate and the certificate chains are accessible via the blockchain.

 Digitally Signed NFTs

NFTLS is capable of encoding and decoding certificate information to and from PNG image files, allowing for an image-based NFT to have its identity encoded directly into its metadata and for an NFT to be verified even while off-chain.

 Built for Business

It's called Non-Fungable Token Layer Security because the design is based on X.509 and SSL/TLS, so it's modeled after authentication mechanisms businesses have relied on for decades while also being integrated with Web 3.0 technologies.


Utilizes a certificate model based on X.509 while using Ethereum addresses, hashes, signatures, and messaging standards such as EIP-191. This allows NFTLS to integrate smoothly with wallets and other Web 3.0 apps.


Implements Public Key Infrastructure by establishing a CA and root certificate upon which all other NFTLS certificates are authorized by. An ERC-721 contract has been deployed for minting and revoking intermediate certificates on the blockchain.

 Open Source Tools

A NodeJS library and CLI tool is available and all source code is available under the MIT License. Most functionality provided by the libraries is also compatible with browser-based JavaScript. Get started by reading the API documentation or running  npm install nftls -g

Getting Started

In order to create a signed NFT, you must submit your NFT's PNG file and contract address as well as your name and location so that we can authenticate your request. Then, we will create a digitally signed certificate that can be used to authenticate your NFT as well as who created it.

We will also digitally sign your NFT by embedding the certificate directly into your image so that your token metadata can be authenticated and verified against the blockchain. Make sure you use the signed image file provided to you by us when minting your token!


Installation (via terminal):

Note: You will need to install NodeJS 14+ and NPM 6+ before installing the NFTLS tools.

npm install nftls -g

Common Tasks:

Calculate baseline image hash or a signed or unsigned NFT: nftls extract image-hash <png file>
Validate a signed NFT against the blockchain: nftls-lookup validate <signed png or certificate file>
Visualize a signed NFT's certificate chain: nftls-lookup resolve <signed png or certificate file>

Further Reading:

API Documentation   Command-Line Tool Reference